Wholesale ( Order of 100 hats ) - PST Exemption (BC/SK/MB)

C$2,000.00 C$1,100.00
e.g., 7xxxx 5xxx BC001
e.g., PST-xxxx-xxxx


NOTE: For "QTY", select "1" = Order of 100 hats, select "2" = Order of 200 hats.

*Please check item availability from our STOCK LIST below before placing your order.

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 SIZE 22 ½ (US 7 1/8)

SIZE 23 (US 7 3/8)

SIZE 23 ½ (US 7 1/2)

SIZE 24 (US 7 5/8)

SIZE 24 ½ (US 7 3/4)

SIZE 25 (US 7 7/8)

*This product is available for Canadian marketplace ONLY. International customers please click here to get a quote online.

*MAKCAPS® collects PST on all orders placed and shipped within British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba. If you are PST exempt, you can request an exemption by filling out your PST number and other request details. Please note we cannot refund PST already collected.